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Toei Sets New Box Office Record

One Piece Film Red

Film production company Toei has announced that they have set a new box office record, raking in around 32 Billion Yen (about $246 million) during the 2022 year from January 1st, 2022 all the way until December 31st, 2022, according to Mantan Web.

Those numbers top the previous record high of $135 million, or 17,980,254,340 yen.

Toei points to films such as One Piece Film Red and The First Slam Dunk as the major contributors to their overall success in 2022, with One Piece Film Red opening in Japan back in August to sell over 13.79 tickets and The First Slam Dunk selling 5.27 million tickets within the first 38 days of it’s opening in Japan, staking it’s claim to the #1 spot in the box office for six consecutive weeks thus far.

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